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In Like Skin Flynnt

Is poverty in society inevitable? Deck: The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot Card: 7 of Spades The Adventures of Robin Hood Answer: Yes. But this is not to say the situation isn’t remediable – indeed, there is hardly a more noble pursuit than to redress greed, injustice, and inequality. For centuries, Robin Hood has been a championContinue reading “In Like Skin Flynnt”

From Russia, With Love

What are the benefits and drawbacks of diversity in society? Deck:The Golden Age of Hollywood Benefits Card: The Star 18 Method Acting Drawbacks Card: 4 of Spades Lost Horizon Benefits: Method acting was a psychology-based acting discipline promulgated by the Russian theatre practitioner Stanislavski. It was elaborated and honed by American actors and came to replace the rather stiltedContinue reading “From Russia, With Love”

Getting Better

What do you think your future self will remember about you now? Deck: The Alfred Hitchcock Tarot Card: 5 of Cups Rebecca Answer: This card focuses on Olivier’s character, Maxim de Winter, who spends the first half of the film brooding over his deceased wife Rebecca. This suggests to me that my future self will look backContinue reading “Getting Better”

A shaggy-dog tale that wags the wags

Can animals have morals? Deck: The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot Card: The Fools 0 The Marx Brothers featuring Lassie Answer: Naturally! The very question belies a set of arrogant presumptions. For starters, not all animals are created equal – lumping them all together is tantamount to asking a bitter misogynist if a woman could be different thanContinue reading “A shaggy-dog tale that wags the wags”