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NWT #17 : Waiting for Godard

Question: Where did the notion of God come from? Card: 6 of Water – Alphaville / Forever Young Answer: The notion of God comes from youth – our “Alphaville”, or first home. As children, our parents are our protectors and our authority figures. They have created us and as we grow into adults we persevere with the idea ofContinue reading “NWT #17 : Waiting for Godard”

NWT #16: Spandau Ballet – The Movie

Question: What should a good citizen provide to their government and what should that government provide that good citizen? Card 1: 4 of Earth : Spandau Ballet / Gold First Answer: The simple answer, of course, is a “good citizen” should provide their government with gold. The government is an administration that needs money itself to exist, but moreContinue reading “NWT #16: Spandau Ballet – The Movie”

NWT #15: Chem Trails or Don’t Cry For Me, Arginine

Question: Is happiness just chemicals flowing through your brain or something more? Card:The Empress / Madonna Answer: Madonna, the Material Girl, reveals in her typically demonstrative way that happiness is just chemicals flowing through your brain. Not to mention elsewhere. Having said that, happiness is also something more – or feels like something more, since that something more is feeling.Continue reading “NWT #15: Chem Trails or Don’t Cry For Me, Arginine”

NWT #14: I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Would Accept Me as a Member

Question: What two questions would you ask to get the most information about who a person truly is? Card 1: 1st Answer/Question: Do you really want to hurt me? This is the kind of question one asks in desperation, hoping for an honest answer while appealing to the other’s higher self. If the other is a liarContinue reading “NWT #14: I Don’t Want to Belong to Any Club That Would Accept Me as a Member”

NWT #13: Jocular Homo

Question: Is it true that you can never REALLY know someone? Card: The Fool 0 Devo Answer: Yes, it’s true. The reason is because we are fools – we fool each other and ourselves and we don’t REALLY know anything. What’s more, we change – for instance, we devolve – so not only do we become someone otherContinue reading “NWT #13: Jocular Homo”

NWT #12: Nous Ordure

Question: Am I still ME even though my whole entire body regenerates after 7 years? Card: The Hanged Man Blue Monday New Order Answer: The short answer is NO (New Order’s anagram).The more nuanced answer is yes and no – what I become is a new me. After Ian Curtis hung himself, the members of Joy Division chose to stayContinue reading “NWT #12: Nous Ordure”

NWT #11: Anime

Question: In order to be great, is it necessary for some part of an artist’s work to be repellent? Card: 7 of Air Turning Japanese The Vapors Answer: Yes. However, as The Vapors prove, in order to be repellent it is also necessary for some part of an artist’s work to be vapid. In order to be greatly repellent,Continue reading “NWT #11: Anime”

NWT #10: Thai’s that Bind

Question: Why is any tiny self-enclosed system that is internally consistent (such as mathematics, astrology, tarot) capable of connecting us to Truth in its broadest sense? Card: Ace of Air One Night In Bangkok Answer: One Night In Bangkok is an anomaly in the NWT – it is not properly-speaking New Wave. Rather, it was a song sung by theContinue reading “NWT #10: Thai’s that Bind”

NWT #9: Heaven Up Here

Question: Why is “projection” regarded as an unfortunate tendency in psychiatry, but a vital necessity in religion? Card: 2 of Air Killing Moon Echo & The Bunnymen Answer: Projection is seeing in others what one fails to see in oneself. This is the “echo” of one’s narcissism; a man’s reflexive reproduction in the outside world of his inner self, theContinue reading “NWT #9: Heaven Up Here”