Getting Better

What do you think your future self will remember about you now? Deck: The Alfred Hitchcock Tarot Card: 5 of Cups Rebecca Answer: This card focuses on Olivier’s character, Maxim de Winter, who spends the first half of the film brooding over his deceased wife Rebecca. This suggests to me that my future self will look backContinue reading “Getting Better”

Champagne vs. Real Pain

What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives? Deck:The Alfred Hitchcock Tarot Card:6 of Cups Champagne/Downhill Answer: As unexpected or counter-intuitive as it sounds, every human ideally should experience dejection, destitution, and misery. In both Champagne and Downhill, the otherwise privileged central characters experience social rejection, penury, and what it meansContinue reading “Champagne vs. Real Pain”

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