Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I have sometimes wondered about the kidnapped boy Hank in The Man Who Knew Too Much – how did he fare after the film ended? and what did he grow up to be?

The card I pulled was the 3 of Gems The Man Who Knew Too Much

3 gems tmwktm1.jpg

As interesting as a reading of the 2nd MWKTM made by the first MWKTM might possibly be, I started thinking the tarot was trying to tell me something about using The Alfred Hitchcock Tarot to do readings about Alfred Hitchcock films. I decided to take a break from that for a while.

Instead, I chose to read for a film made by someone other than Hitchcock. Thinking about James Ricklef, who first introduced me to reading for fictional characters, I recalled a reading he did for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – What would’ve helped Dorothy, when she was feeling unappreciated in Kansas? What did she need?

The card I pulled was the 6 of Cups Downhill/Champagne

6 cups dc.jpg

This is the only card in the deck to feature 2 films. Downhill sees a school-aged boy turned out of his home for a misdeed he didn’t do, falling on hard times, and being happily reunited with his family in the end. Champagne sees a young girl whose rich father rejects her, stops giving her money which causes her to fall on hard times, and is happily reunited with his daughter in the end.

With regards to the question – what is it Dorothy needs? – the answer seems to be what she needed was to leave home, endure conflict and the unknown, and return home to a grateful family, both her and them realizing how lucky they are to have each other. In short, Dorothy needed to go through the very thing she did go through! The AHT 6 of Cups and the 2 silent Hitchcock films it features are about naivete, but they are also about the loss of naivete and growing up. Dorothy needed to find the lost love of her family and home, which she did by experiencing the fantastic. In the process, she almost died, and also had to lose the fantasy world of Oz, metaphor for losing her childhood innocence.

Aside from matters to do with childhood, leaving home, and creativity, the 6 of Cups card has to do with gifts, notably sacrificial gifts and gifts of intrinsic emotional value. Not only was Dorothy given these much-needed gifts, but generations of children have been given the gift of joy and wonder that is The Wizard of Oz.

Published by Chas Tringham

Chas Tringham wasn't so much born on February 26 1969, as he was raised in absentia. He is the son of J.J. Bieber and a discounted sack of millet. Chas' mother was 17 years old when she became 18. His parents would never marry, or merry, Queen of Scots, but maintained a close call and the common cold regarding their son's personal acne and professional malfeasance. Growing up, Chas taught those closest to him to resent the trumpet. On or about September 9/11, Chas' step-uncle's memoir, the eminently readable "Chaps", was publicly ignored. The book tells of his/her early dinners and reads it a story before bedtime. Looking back, Chas maintained contacts with his optometrist, who later married two women and an unemployed bird enthusiast. Interested in honkies, soccer, and ice-chests, Chas keeps his aspirations in a sweat sock.

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