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Who Dares Do More

Does fate exist? If so, do we have free will? Deck: The Shakespeare Tarot Card: 7 of Crowns Banquo Answer: Yes, fate does exist, if we believe the 3 weird sisters. That said, they could’ve just been privy to the future without that necessitating that fate exists, in the same way it is posited that God knows everythingContinue reading “Who Dares Do More”

conception is a blessing, but not as your daughter may conceive…

How would society change if men were able to get pregnant and men and women both had an equal chance of getting pregnant? Deck: Shakespeare Tarot Card: 9 of Swords Ophelia Answer: When Shakespeare was touring Italy, he got word that his wife was pregnant. He refused to believe it was his child, and court records revealContinue reading “conception is a blessing, but not as your daughter may conceive…”

Beyond The Pleasure Principle

Why do we resist doing things that we know are good for our well-being while craving things that are detrimental to our well-being? Deck: The Charles Dickens Tarot Card: The Lovers VI Catherine Hogarth (as Juliet) & Charles Dickens (as Nicholas Nickleby as Romeo), with Mr. Crummles (as Friar Laurence) and Georgina Hogarth the Elder (asContinue reading “Beyond The Pleasure Principle”

Colouring Outside Of The Black & White Lines

Can morality ever be objective or is it always subjective? If it can be objective, in what instances? If it’s always subjective, how do we decide whose concept of morality is correct? Deck: The Shakespeare Tarot Card: 4 of Crowns Malvolio Answer: Morality can never be truly objective, but is only subjective. Malvolio, the antagonistic foilContinue reading “Colouring Outside Of The Black & White Lines”

All Work And No Play

Is Arbeit Scheisse? Deck: The Charles Dickens Tarot 1st card: In what way is arbeit scheisse? 7 of Earth Little Paul Dombey Answer: Paul Dombey is a frail boy. His domineering father is fixated on the idea that his son will take over the family business. Disregarding what is best for Little Paul, Dombey senior places the boyContinue reading “All Work And No Play”

In Like Skin Flynnt

Is poverty in society inevitable? Deck: The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot Card: 7 of Spades The Adventures of Robin Hood Answer: Yes. But this is not to say the situation isn’t remediable – indeed, there is hardly a more noble pursuit than to redress greed, injustice, and inequality. For centuries, Robin Hood has been a championContinue reading “In Like Skin Flynnt”

The Pickwick Playpers

How important is play in living a healthy and fulfilling life? Deck: The Charles Dickens Tarot Card: 3 of Water The Crummles Strolling Players (featuring The Infant Phenomenon) Answer: Pretty darn important, if occasionally self-important. The acting troupe known as the Crummles are admittedly crumby, but they provide Nicholas Nickleby a much-needed refuge from his nefarious uncleContinue reading “The Pickwick Playpers”

From Russia, With Love

What are the benefits and drawbacks of diversity in society? Deck:The Golden Age of Hollywood Benefits Card: The Star 18 Method Acting Drawbacks Card: 4 of Spades Lost Horizon Benefits: Method acting was a psychology-based acting discipline promulgated by the Russian theatre practitioner Stanislavski. It was elaborated and honed by American actors and came to replace the rather stiltedContinue reading “From Russia, With Love”

To Be And Not To Be

Is it be possible for humans to create something completely novel and new that is based on nothing that previously existed? Or is human creativity just rearranging and building on previous ideas? Deck: The Shakespeare Tarot Card representing the completely new: The High Priestess II The Virgin Queen Card representing repetition: The Chariot VII LordContinue reading “To Be And Not To Be”

Our Mutual Expectations

Is suffering a necessary part of the human condition? Deck: The Charles Dickens Tarot Card: 7 of Fire Bradley Headstone Answer: Yes. Few people suffer as Bradley Headstone does in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend. Born into poverty, Headstone has worked his way up to the position of headmaster through his own perseverance and determination. His great sinContinue reading “Our Mutual Expectations”