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An Alchemical Housekeeping

Welkin Tarot is a new concept in Tarot, combining traditional Tarot mythopoeia with art, culture, and history, Welkin Tarot reveals the mystical in the aesthetic and the lyrical in the esoteric. Visit available tarot decks & companion books HERE

Latest Posts

Stranger Than Fiction: Samsa & Samsara

Sticking with lit., I decided to read for Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. In the novella, a young salesman supporting his parents and sister becomes an insect. What is The Metamorphosis an allegory for? and what does it say about Kafka himself? The card I pulled was The Hierophant 5 I Confess On a very basic level, The Metamorphosis could be said…

Stranger Than Fiction: A Rich & Stranger Than Fiction Reading

Returning to literature, I was thinking about studying The Tempest in grade 12. I remembered that many of the questions on quizzes were rather unoriginal, and thought it could be fun to revisit some of them with the AHT. Instead of writing too much about any one topic, I chose to answer in straightforward manner questions which i found…

Stranger Than Fiction: Hitchcockian Scuttlebutt

It was somewhat humorously suggested to me that I should do a reading on the Marie Celeste, the ship that was found derelict off the coast of Africa in the late 19th Century. How many possibilities are there? The food was still warm on the plates when the crew from another ship came on board…

Stranger Than Fiction: Citizen Kane

Thinking about how Vertigo has usurped Citizen Kane in many Best Film of All Time polls, I decided to pull 1 card to answer the question: What is “Rosebud”? The card I pulled was Death “Rosebud” is what Kane, at the beginning of Welles’ film, utters as he dies. A reporter, looking to find out what “Rosebud” means, sets out…


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